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Understanding the Benefits of Orthotics for Runners

For runners looking to improve stride and prevent injury, orthotics can be an invaluable tool. Orthotics provide extra support to the foot while enhancing alignment, allowing runners to experience increased performance efficiency and reduced fatigue. Find out more about using…

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Plantar Fasciitis

Managing Plantar Fasciitis With Orthotics

Our feet are more than just a way to get from Point A to Point B. They are the foundation that our bodies are built on. Similar to a building, if that foundation isn't quite perfect there are repercussions throughout…

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What Is Barefoot Running?

The common misconception about the term “barefoot running” is that it means running in bare feet! It doesn’t. Barefoot running is about the stride, not the lack of footwear. The principle advantage of Barefoot running is that the impact between…

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Custom Insoles Can Relieve Knee Pain

While there are many possible factors that lead might lead to knee pain, one of the leading cause might be misalignment, of the feet! At its most basic form, the knee joint is a hinge. The knee is designed to…

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