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Over The Counter And Custom Insoles Prevent Blisters

Sore Feet

Blisters are a symptom of friction (rubbing) and pressure

What causes them are not the shoe but the insole or rather, lack of insole found inside the shoe (the insole is the foam pad located in the bottom of the shoe).

The human foot has 26 bones and 33 joints. Like all things in nature, none of these bones is that same from foot to foot. It’s been said that feet are like fingerprints, unique to you and different from everyone else. This is very true.

With all the variation in the bones of the foot and the joints between them it’s obvious that no two feet are alike. This is why footwear manufacturers have to use insoles that try to fit as many foot shapes as possible. Blisters happen because the generic insoles that come in even the best footwear don’t support the foot well enough to well enough to keep it stabilized inside the shoe.

There are two ways to eliminate blisters. First is to find an over-the-counter insole that offers enough support to hold the foot in proper alignment when you’re walking or running. Superfeet and Acor are two vendors that make insoles in enough variety to fit many feet.

The absolute best way to support the foot is with a custom molded insole

Custom molded insoles are made to your specific foot shape and are designed to support the foot in its proper anatomical or neutral position. Custom insoles are to feet like eye glasses are to eyes. Once size doesn’t fit all and there is a unique solution that will provide years of proper support, comfort and foot health for each individual. The FootLab specializes in helping you get the proper over the counter insoles or custom molded insoles reduce blisters and properly support your feet.

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