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Understanding the Benefits of Orthotics for Runners


For runners looking to improve stride and prevent injury, orthotics can be an invaluable tool.

Orthotics provide extra support to the foot while enhancing alignment, allowing runners to experience increased performance efficiency and reduced fatigue. Find out more about using orthotics for running here!

How Can Orthotics Help Improve Running Performance?

Orthotics for runners work by correcting problems with the way a runner’s foot contacts and interacts with the ground. By providing cushioning and proper alignment, orthotics can help redistribute weight across the feet, reduce impact, and enhance efficiency of motion. This helps to increase endurance, as it reduces the amount of energy wasted from poor gait mechanics and allows a higher quality run for longer periods of time.

Can Orthotics Reduce Pain Caused By Running?

Orthotics can also help aid any existing pain or soreness in the feet and lower legs by better distributing weight across the foot and providing extra cushioning. This can reduce joint pain, as well as total shock absorbed from running. With more even distribution of weight and pressure, you can experience a smoother stride with less force required to push off. Finally, orthotics create a more stable base for your feet, reducing the chances of injury caused by incorrect movement patterns, weakened muscles, or unstable joints.

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