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Custom Molded Shoe Orthotics- Protect Your Feet, Knees And Back

The human foot is an incredibly complex collection of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons that serves many functions

It is designed to be rigid enough to propel us while we walk yet flexible enough to keep us from breaking our feet when we walk on irregular surfaces. The foot also serves as the foundation of the skeleton of the body. When the foot is properly aligned the skeleton above it is aligned. When the foot is unsupported and misaligned it changes the alignment of the skeleton which puts stress and strain on other joints in the body; most notably, knees and lower backs. Custom molded shoe orthotics support your feet properly and keep your skeleton aligned.

All feet are different

In fact, each person’s feet are as unique to them as their fingerprints. Some feet are aligned perfectly but most are not. In fact experts indicated that 70-80% of the human population have feet that are not aligned correctly. That’s where shoe orthotics can help.

Orthotics come in two versions

(1.) Generic solutions like Dr. Scholls or Superfeet brands or, (2.) custom molded orthotics which offer a unique support solution to an individual’s unique foot.

Custom molded shoe orthotics are used by Podiatrists  to treat many different types of foot ailments

Depending on the ailment, these prescription devices start with a cast of the foot. The cast is shipped to a pedorthic lab where technicians fabricate the orthotic. The orthotics are then shipped back and fitted to the shoe. The process involves a number of people, a significant amount of time and is relatively expensive.

Recently, new techniques in custom molding as well as newly developed products offer a custom molding orthotics solution that can be molded and fabricated in one-hour appointment which saves significant time and money.

The FootLab, the pedorthic division of Hi Tempo, fabricates custom molded orthotics for sport and general footwear consumers

These orthotics improve comfort and alignment of the foot, knees and lower back for athletes, on-your-feet workers and general footwear consumers. We serve the St. Paul, Minneapolis, MN area.

Who should consider foot orthotics?

Everyone! For people with properly aligned feet, a custom molded orthotics will off-load pressure points at the heel and the ball of the foot and disperse the bodies weight over the entire surface of the foot. For people with poorly aligned feet, custom foot orthotics will improve the body’s stance and alignment and significantly improve foot comfort as well.

Schedule your FREE foot evaluation

You’ll learn and see how your feet, knees, hips and back will benefit from custom molded shoe inserts. Use our online scheduler, or call 651-429-3333 to ask questions or schedule your appointment.

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