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Orthotics For Runners

Custom orthotics for runners and walkers increase performance and comfort

Running orthotics properly align your feet, legs, hip and back for injury-free, enjoyable running

A runner’s footwear must absorb massive impact loads stride after stride. The added effects of improper pronation (where the foot rolls inward as it comes in contact with the ground) adds more stress and fatigue to the activity. Running orthotics absorb impact loads and adjust for the negative effects of improper pronation.

In most cases, the insole or footbed that comes with a running shoe is a thin foam insert designed to insulate the foot from the rougher materials of the shell, heal and seams of the shoe. It often provides little or no cushioning or stability while you run.

Custom running orthotics do the work of cushioning and stabilizing your body when you run

Our running orthotics will keep your feet, ankles, legs, hips and back in proper alignment. Many runners get frustrated by nagging pain and fatigue that shoes alone cannot fix. The problem is caused by the stock insoles that are made to fit “the average foot”…not yours specifically. Our custom running orthotics are molded directly from your feet. They are 100% optimized for the unique physiology of your feet. We offer a FREE foot evaluation. Make an appointment, bring your running shoes in and we’ll discuss how running orthotics will increase your performance and comfort. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Orthotics Guarantee

Schedule your FREE foot evaluation

You’ll learn and see how your feet, knees, hips and back will benefit from custom molded shoe inserts. Use our online scheduler, or call 651-429-3333 to ask questions or schedule your appointment.

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