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Custom molded inserts are heated and formed to your feet to deliver the ultimate in comfort and support

The insoles that come your with shoes are accommodative, they don’t provide the support you need

The shape of your feet is unique. Our custom insoles are molded directly from you standing on moldable blanks in a neutral position. Watch the short video below to understand the difference between generic, over-the-counter, custom inserts and custom-molded orthotics.

Your custom-molded inserts can be used in all your shoes

You have different shoes for different activities, your custom insoles can be inserted in whatever footwear is appropriate for what you’re doing. Our inserts are durable, they’ll last for years.

Custom Molded Insoles

Free Foot Evaluation

Bring in some of the shoes you wear, we’ll discuss how our insoles or orthotics can correct any issues you have. Click the link below to schedule your appointment. Take care of your feet! 

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