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Custom Insoles Can Relieve Knee Pain

While there are many possible factors that lead might lead to knee pain, one of the leading cause might be misalignment, of the feet!

At its most basic form, the knee joint is a hinge. The knee is designed to bend backward to absorb shock and aid in propulsion. When the knee joint is aligned properly it tracks well and supports the body. When the joint is misaligned, muscle, ligament and/or tendon pain result.

One of the leading causes of misalignment in the knee joint is poor foot support.

To see how, try this test. Standing in bare feet with a slight bend in the knee and ankle joints, notice that if the shaft of each leg is gently rotated inward and the foot is allow to relax to the inside of the arch, the knee cap, instead of being pointed straight ahead, will be pointed slightly inward. If the knees are gently flexed they will track inward.

If each foot is slightly rolled to its outside edge it will be noted that the shaft of the leg will rotate outward and the knee cap will be pointed more forward. When the knee is flexed in this stance the knee will track with more forward alignment.

If the foot is not properly supported inside the shoe, the arch will collapse (pronate) and the knee will track incorrectly. The average person takes 10,000 steps per day. Each step on an improperly supported foot leads to misalignment that over time can lead to knee pain. For runners and athletes it’s even more critical because of the extra loads that are on the knee during athletic activity.

The first and easiest “fix” for knee pain is to replace the insoles that came in your footwear with over-the-counter support insoles from vendors like Superfeet or ACOR.

The best solution is to have custom insoles made for your unique foot shape. Custom insoles are to feet like eye glasses are to eyes. Once size doesn’t fit all and there is a unique solution that will provide years of proper support and comfort for your feet as well as the rest of your body.

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