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Custom Orthotics Reduce Foot Arch Pain

Custom arch support for your shoes can relieve arch pain

Orthotics GuaranteeThe bones in the foot, just like bones everywhere else in the body, grow differently from one individual to the next. This means that feet are all different. In fact, the human foot is as unique to an individual as their finger prints; there are no two feet that are the same.

Proper arch support creates issues for footwear manufacturers

Because feet are different a shoe that is supportive for one foot shape would likely be offensive to another foot shape. Therefore, footwear manufacturers are forced to put insoles in their shoes that are accommodative, meaning that they will accommodate a variety of foot shapes. The problem of course is that the insoles that come in shoes and boots usually do little to support the foot.

Many people suffer from pain in their arches.

The reason for this is that their entire body weight is being supported by the heel and ball of the foot with little to no support under the arch. The fix for this is a custom orthotic that is molded to the exact contour of the sole of an individual’s foot. When a custom orthotic is put into a shoe to replace the stock insert the wearer will feel even support throughout the entire sole of the foot. It’s almost like the difference between standing in sand vs. standing on concrete. Even support disperses the weight of the body over the entire bottom surface of the foot. This supports the arch rather than letting it collapse.

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