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Custom Orthotics For On Your Feet Workers

Benefits of custom FootLab orthotics for St. Paul MN area on your feet workers

On your feet workers will be more comfortable and less tired with proper foot support provided by custom orthotic insoles

Orthotics GuaranteeWhether it’s pushing a gurney, delivering a route, flinging hash or working on the production line there are hundreds of occupations where workers make their living on their feet. And every single one of those feet quite literally takes a pounding each and every day.

Most people find it easy to neglect their feet.

Why? Because the discomfort that bad foot support leads to doesn’t usually occur in the feet, it occurs in the knees and back. If your knees and back hurt it seems logical that there’s something wrong with your knees and back, not your feet. To understand how your feet can cause discomfort in your knees and back you need to understand how the feet affect the alignment of the rest of your body.

Try this test- with shorts on standing with bare feet, stand with your feet parallel to one another about 12” apart. Roll both your feet onto their outside edges of the foot with your arches up and off the ground. You’ll notice that the shaft of your leg rotates outward and when you gently flex your knees they will track outward. Now roll your feet all the way to their inside edges with your arches flat on the ground, your legs will rotate inward and when you flex your knees you’ll notice that your knees track inward. If you roll your feet to a position somewhere between fully inward and outward you’ll find a location that when you flex your knees they will track straight ahead, as they are intended to do.

In the old song the verse “the kneebone’s connected to the thighbone” may be anatomically incorrect but is in theory right. For most people, when the foot is improperly supported it collapses with each step which causes the shaft of the leg to rotate which causes the knee to track incorrectly. The rotating shaft of the leg causes the pelvis to tip which takes the back out of alignment. Multiply this times 10,000 steps a day and it becomes easy to understand why bad foot support can make your knees and back hurt.

Proper foot support doesn’t mean buying new shoes

It means removing the generic insoles that came with your shoes and replacing them with insoles that are unique to your particular feet. Insoles that will help keep your body properly aligned. Schedule a free foot evaluation to determine whether orthotics are an appropriate solution for existing foot issues.

Customer Review, Custom Orthotics For On Your Feet Worker

I am an RN and on my feet for most of the day. Since having the orthotics made last Friday I can already say it makes a huge difference! My feet are not aching and I am not struggling to make it through the day! Don’t waste your money on store bought inserts or even the high priced ones where you step on their machine. They are not custom fit like these are! Fits perfectly! Thank you!!

Andrew N.
Customer since January 2018

Schedule your FREE foot evaluation

You’ll learn and see how your feet, knees, hips and back will benefit from custom molded shoe inserts. Use our online scheduler, or call 651-429-3333 to ask questions or schedule your appointment.

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