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Custom Orthotic Fabrication Process

The FootLab Orthotic – our process for custom made orthotics for St Paul / Minneapolis, MN area clients

There are many types of molding processes used to make custom orthotics

Orthotics GuaranteeThe first step in making an orthotic is to take an impression of the foot. There are three common techniques for doing this; pressing the foot into a foam box which leave an impression of the foot, making a “slipper” cast of the foot or taking a digital image of the foot. In the first two cases, the impressions are sent to a lab where plaster is poured into the foam box or plaster cast to make a plaster mold of the foot. In the case of a digital image, the image is emailed to a lab where a mold of the foot is machined from molding material. A technician fabricates an orthotic from the mold of the foot and the finished orthotic is shipped back to the person who took the original mold.

In these three processes, there are several people/companies involved in making the orthotic. That drives up cost and leads to a significant time delay. Also, the technician that makes the orthotic, never sees the clients foot and usually doesn’t see the client’s shoes. This can lease to poor fitting, poor performing orthotics.

FootLab custom orthotics are different

The most significant difference between a FootLab orthotic and a regular orthotic is that the FootLab staff are all Certified Pedothists or, CPeds. A CPed has received extensive training on the practice of building orthotics. CPeds are nationally certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics. And they attend an annual convention to earn the required continuing education credits to maintain their accreditation. CPeds are highly trained practioners of building foot orthotics. We’re also licensed by the State of Minnesota.

Our process starts by interviewing our clients to learn firsthand what their problems are. We see the client stand on their feet and/or watch them walk. When we take a mold of the foot we position the client’s foot in a neutral stance and take a Direct Mold impression of the foot with the customer standing on a heated orthotic blank resting on molding pillows. This gives us the truest shape and impression of the client’s weighted foot. Our fabricating lab is on site and the orthotics are fabricated by the same C.Ped that talked with the client about their problems, took the impression of their feet and determined the procedure they’re going to use to get the foot properly supported. And lastly, we have the clients shoe so we can get the orthotic to fit the shoe perfectly. The last step in the process is to have the client stand and walk on the orthotic. That allows us to make the minute adjustments that are sometimes necessary to get a perfect fit.

The benefits are many. We save time! The entire process usually takes about an hour and the client will leave with their orthotics on their first visit. And best of all, our process saves money by cutting out the time and cost of all the people involved in the traditional process.

Who benefits the most from our onsite custom orthotics fabrication process?

For disorders related to pronation, plantar fasciitis, sore feet, arch pain, knee pain, lower back pain, metatarsalgia, sport and work related foot issues, the FootLab direct molding process offers the finest custom molded orthotic solution possible.

We offer a free foot evaluation that will answer all your questions, show you our process and explain the benefits of our on-site custom made orthotics, click here to learn more.

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