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Recycle your gently used sneakers and general foot wear and be part of the change

Ready to make an impact? Let’s get started!

The FootLab is proud to partner with Sneaker Impact to recycle used foot wear for greater social good. Your gently used footwear will be put to good use to reduce landfill waste, create new businesses in developing countries and provide children and adults with shoes they otherwise could not afford. The chart below shows the mission and process of Sneaker Impact.

Sneaker Impact Mission & Process

Check out the video below to see how Sneaker Impact recycles shoes that are no longer usable as footwear.

Sneaker Impact Drop Off Box

The FootLab is a drop off center for shoes you want to recycle

We have the container shown available for you to stop by and drop your shoes into. We’ll take care of packaging and sending the shoes to Sneaker Impact when the container is full. Once a container is full, a new container will be put in place. This is an ongoing effort, please recycle all your shoes going forward. Get directions to The FootLab below.

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