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Orthotics For Construction & Trade Workers

Benefits of custom FootLab orthotics for construction workers and trade people

Orthotics GuaranteeThe absolute most important tool a tradesperson has is a healthy body. You can have the best quality tools available but if your body hurts and you can’t work, you’re out of business. While proper foot support will make your feet more comfortable the more important reason to get good foot support is to take care of your knees and back.

The human foot is flexible. With each stride it rolls inward and the arch collapses to dissipate shock to the body when walking or running. While the foot is rolling inward the lower leg rotates inward and the knee tracks inward. This causes the pelvis to tip and the back to misalign. Do this 10,000 times a day, sometimes carrying tremendous loads and it’s no wonder that the longer they work the more likely it is that most construction workers and trades people will have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning or end up walking around with gimpy knees and a bad back.

The least expensive tool you will ever buy are good orthotic insoles for your work boots

Save you knees, save your back, protect your livelihood. Get good foot support. Good work boots need good orthotic insoles to support your knees, hips and back, schedule your orthotic fitting today.

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You’ll learn and see how your feet, knees, hips and back will benefit from custom molded inserts for your work boots. Use our online scheduler, or call 651-429-3333 to ask questions or schedule your appointment.

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