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Custom Orthotics For Runners

Custom Made Running Orthotics Prevent Injury And Speed Recovery For St Paul / Minneapolis, MN Area Runners

Running orthotics properly align your feet, legs, hip and back for injury-free, enjoyable running

Board_Certified_PedorthistsRunning shoes absorb impact loads of up to 3 times a runner’s weight with each impact. In addition to impact loads, the added effects of improper foot alignment adds even more stress and fatigue to the feet, legs and lower back. Custom molded orthotics replace the generic inserts that come with shoes. They serve two functions; they off-load high stress areas of the foot and disperse impact loads over the entire surface of the foot, and secondly, they correctly align the foot in the shoe which is the root cause of the nagging injuries that sideline many runners. Our Certified Pedorthists will listen to you and explain how orthotics will improve your running.

Custom molded Orthotics support and align your body when you run

Most remedies for the injuries that sideline runners focus on a symptomatic approach to foot, knee and lower back pain. However, addressing the symptoms of pain does not address the root issue of what is causing the pain. In just about every case, the injuries that bring our clients to us are related to the improper stance and alignment of the foot inside the shoe.

It’s not the shoe’s fault that your foot is misaligned. Feet are as unique to an individual as their fingerprints. A shoe manufacturer cannot put an insert into their shoe that is perfectly supportive for one person because it would be offensive to the next person. FootLab custom molded orthotics replace the inserts that come with the shoe and are specifically designed support your foot. They are a perfect mold of the sole of your foot, in a balanced neutral stance and will define a new level of comfort and support regardless of what shoe you put them in!

FREE Evaluation & Consultation For Running Orthotics

Learn how running orthotics align your body from the ankles up. Step on our Podoscope to get an exact visual representation of your stance and understand how the alignment of your ankles, knees, hips and back effect your running. Learn how custom molded orthotics will change your foot and body posture to prevent injury and speed recovery. We listen and answer all questions thoroughly.


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